Kevin, The Soulbrother

CEO & Creator of SBKLive & SRN

Soul Brother Kevin has been with Real Radio on and off for over 8 years now but his fascination with the station began long before that. As an avid listener he soon enrolled in the internship program and began working with The Monsters, then in middays.

His talent immediately evident, it wasn’t long before he was hired by sister station 105.5 “The Beat” in Ft. Myers where he was number one in evenings for 2 years straight.

Kevin returned to Real Radio as co-host of the top rated Shannon Burke Show and continues to get rave reviews from listeners and advertisers alike. You can also catch Kevin Saturday nights with his own show on Real Radio…. “SBK Live!”

Highly recognizable and impossible to ignore, Soul Brother Kevin lends his name and time to a number of mentoring programs for Central Florida children and teens. He can be found on weekends performing at comedy clubs throughout the Southeast. Funny, witty, creative and totally unpredictable, Central Floridians can’t get through the day without hearing what the Soul Brother is up to!

Matt, Cabin, Matt.

Co-Host & Producer of The SBK Live Show

Matt, formerly Cabin of Real Radio, is the Co-Host and Producer of SBK LIVE.  He has been in talk radio since 2004 and working with SBK since the beginning, and Angel since 2008.  Matt started as an intern, which he turned into a part-time producer job, which he parlayed into a full-time producer job, until he later became a Co-Host of SBK LIVE, the #1 rated night show in the Central Florida area.

In addition to the podcast, Matt is the CFO of Investment Homes Direct and one of the biggest buyers of Investment Real Estate in the state of Florida.  He has been covering the Orlando Magic for years, and is known for his passion for sports.  It is rumored that he made his investment capital from betting on his infamous “locks of the week,” which he gives every week during football season on SBK LIVE.

He has a younger brother who teaches particle physics at Pitt, and a sister that SBK has deemed, “quite fetching.”

He went to Penn State during the Sandusky years, but insists that he was in no way involved.


 Angel Rivera 

Co-Host & Creator of The SBKLive Show

I’m an Air Force brat meaning I was raised all over the United States and abroad. I dig all kinds of music and I used to have a crazy CD collection that I sold to Park Ave CD’s  (it’s all killer no filler). Now all the music I have ever owned is on my iPod. I’m at over 15,000 songs and counting.

My first hotrod was a white with blue trim 79 Pontiac Formula with t-tops, centerline rims, Flow masters and the 408 Olds engine. To this day one of things I regret is getting rid of my 1200’s (turntables) and that car. My hope is to get another old school car soon. Am I the only guy that can watch the Barrett-Jackson auto auction, even the repeats?
Yes I’m really 6’7″ and yes I played basketball through high school and college. And even some international ball in Puerto Rico. I now hustle 3 on 3 games around town for some extra cash!